My Queer Torah

Welcome to My Queer Torah, a blog by one trans man, working his way through the Torah, one parsha at a time. I started this because I've been reading the Torah every Saturday morning for a few years, but I had trouble finding myself within it. I'm a transgender, bisexual man (in a homosexual relationship) and the words often felt far, far away from my reality, yet I found myself drawn to it, over and over. I'm not trained in Talmud- I can't even really read Hebrew. But I am curious. And I am persistent. And I didn't see anything like this. So I started writing this blog to help myself decode my own queer connection to the Torah, and maybe- just maybe- help someone else find their connection too.


VAYISHLACH (GEN 32:4- 36:43)

VAYISHLACH (GEN 32:4- 36:43) So in this Parshah Jacob becomes Israel (in two different sections, which I didn’t remember at all from...

VAYETZEI (GEN 28:10 – 32:3)

VAYETZEI (GEN 28:10 – 32:3) So maybe this doesn't have much to do with being queer but this is my blog so I guess I can write whatever I...

TOLDOT (GEN 25.19 -28.9)

TOLDOT (GEN 25.19 -28.9) This week and last week (or 2 weeks ago I think) we're continuing with the power of naming in the torah. It...

CHAYE SARAH (GEN 23:1 – 25:18)

CHAYE SARAH (GEN 23:1 – 25:18) Sometimes, like this week (ok a LOT of weeks), I feel like I know nothing about Judaism, because I have...

VAYERA (GEN 18.1- 22.24)

VAYERA (GEN 18.1- 22.24) This is such a reminder of why I often feel so disconnected from the Torah. Talking to one of my rabbis, (I have...

LECH LECHA (GEN 12.1-17.27)

LECH LECHA (GEN 12.1-17.27) What this parshah reads like to me, every year, is a man (Abram) asking a woman (Sarai) to lie, and risk...

NOACH (GEN 6.9 – 11.32)

NOACH (GEN 6.9 – 11.32) Really disappointed by both of the commentaries this week. In the WTC, It felt like the whole essay was a huge...

BERESHIT (GEN 1.1 – 6.8)

BERESHIT (GEN 1.1 – 6.8) Every year, for years I've been reading this part, it’s obviously the parshah I have read the most, and every...


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